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FAQs & Policies

  • How much in advance do I need to book?
    Births can rarely be specifically planned so please let us know as soon as you have the discharge details. Although not guaranteed, we will always try to deliver before baby arrives home. As these are typically last minute requests we prefer if you call us to book. All Other Occasions – The more lead time you can provide the better chance of having your preferred items available. We do our utmost to accommodate last minute requests with a small rush fee.
  • Do you set up in bad weather?
    We do deliver in most weather conditions. If there is any extreme conditions forecasted & we feel it is unsafe, we will connect with you day prior. We cannot control the weather & you are responsible for the display once it is on your property. It is up to you to take it down temporarily if you feel it is a hazard. You may connect with us if you prefer we pick it up early; we can try our best to retrieve it as soon as we can.
  • Do I get to keep any items in the display?
    Our products are rental only. We do not sell any of our ornaments. The textboard can be purchased for $25.00+HST if desired.
  • What if something goes missing or is damaged?
    There are some exceptions however the renter is responsible for items once on their lawn. We do rent high quality product & do not want to re-use damaged pieces. We request pets do not play near the display as this eliminates any biting/chewing which results in replacement. We have set up thousands of surprises & have had 2 incidents of some ornaments going missing (this was during homecoming near the University!).
  • Do you deliver in winter?
    We do operate year round, however, we accept limited orders during these months. With the snow & frozen ground it requires additional time to install. As well, we are often on the road before the plows & salt trucks. We do monitor the forecast daily & if extreme conditions are predicted, we will connect with you day prior & play it by ear. We deliver if we feel it is safe to do so; you will not be charged otherwise.
  • What if I pick up & DIY & sign doesn’t fit?
    When booking a DIY we will ask you what type of vehicle you will be using for transportation. We use our best judgement to advise you & can give you measurements of the selected sign. Ultimately it is your responsibility once booked to ensure it fits.

Terms & Policies

We bill card day prior to set up. If charge declines we will try to connect with you. If we do not receive payment we do not deliver.

Please do not let children or pets play around the display. This eliminates risk of any potential damage or personal injury.

No refunds will be given if homeowner does not wish to have display and requests removal.

Bookings cancelled prior to 48 hours will not be billed. If cancelling less than this timeframe 50% fee will apply.

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